Welcome to Texas-IX

Exchange Ports

1Gig and 10Gig peering ports. Includes dedicated port, IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, route servers, and many more features. Easy and straightforward pricing and setup.

Inter-Market Peering

Connect various metro markets and sites over a single peering fabric for a seamless handoff for all of your applications. Save cost and complexity over traditional leased circuits.

Private Peering

Private peering allows you to utilize a fabric to make connections to customers, clients, and suppliers. This cuts down on costs and leverages, the resillency of the fabric to make your network strong.

Overall Daily Traffic

Peak (Gb/s)
Capacity (Gb/s)

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A Few Benefits of Texas-IX

Lower Costs

Organizations connecting to Texas-IX can directly exchange a portion of their traffic with other members via peering. This results not only in lower bandwidth costs, but lower TCO

Better Routing

ISPs, content providers and others delivering services can exchange traffic within a given region by peering with each other to reduce round-trip delays.


Members can aggregate their traffic into this central fabric rather than having to implement, and maintain, multiple links to carriers or content providers.


Members can sell their services to other members knowing they have the benefit of low latency, known connection metrics, and less hops.