Texas-IX Support Overview

Contacting Texas-IX

For support related issues Texas-IX has several options e-mail: helpdesk@fd-ix.com Telephone: 317.644.2224

Configuration examples

Texas-IX has a diversified array of clients and hardware connected to our fabric. As a result we have assembled several configuration examples to help you in joining Texas-IX

Best Practices

For both veterans and new folks to Internet Exchanges we have put together a short list of best practices to go along with our policies. These make your expereince on the fabric better for everyone.


We have put together a F.A.Q. in one place for those looking for quick infiormation on topics.

Mailing Lists

Texas-IX maintains several mailing lists for members. These can be found here.

IXP Manager

Our IXP mananger software allows you to view your port statistics, update contact information, see who is on the fabbric among other functions


Normally, you need to maintain separate BGP sessions to each of your peers’ routers. With a route server you can replace all or a subset of these sessions with one session towards each route server. The goal of the route server project is to facilitate the implementation of peering arrangements, and to lower the barrier of entry for new participants on the peering platform.